Tuff Stuff Proformance Biceps / Triceps, PD-804




  • Engineered and Manufactured in the USA
  • Multi-grip handle allows overhand and underhand grip positions
  • Counter-balanced pivot arm
  • Ergonomically designed arm pad for proper support and comfort
  • Easy access gas assist seat adjustment
  • Weight stack safety shields full length and dual-sided
  • High strength Mectral steel reinforced Kevlar® belt
  • 150 lbs. steel weight stack

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TuffStuff’s Proformance Biceps / Triceps (PD-804) allows users to efficiently train both biceps and triceps on a single machine. Full commercial-quality, this machine is built at TuffStuff’s headquarters in Chino, California USA. The combined biceps / triceps saves space and time, allowing users to super set both popular arm exercises.

Features a counter-balanced pivot arm with multi-grip handles that allow overhand and underhand grip positions. The pivot arm on the Proformance Biceps / Triceps is counterbalanced for true starting resistance, and adjusts with a pop pin to enable quick transitions between biceps curls and triceps extension exercises. The arm pad is ergonomically designed to fit snugly when the gas-assisted seat is adjusted to the proper height. This ensures proper support and comfort for both curling and triceps presses. As an added bonus, because the multi-grip handles are designed for overhand and underhand grip exercises, users can comfortably perform reverse curls to target their forearms as well.

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Weight 500 lbs

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