TKO 55-100lb Signature Urethane Dumbbell Set



Introducing the TKO 55-100lb Signature Urethane Dumbbell Set, a premium addition to any home or commercial gym. These finely crafted dumbbells, ranging from 55 to 100 lbs, offer a wide scope of workout intensities for all fitness levels. Made with high-quality urethane, they guarantee long-lasting durability and resistance to wear and tear. Their ergonomically designed handles provide maximum grip and comfort, ensuring safe and effective workouts. With their sleek, modern design and easy-to-read weight markings, these dumbbells blend functionality and aesthetics. Make a lasting investment in your fitness journey with the TKO 55-100lb Signature Urethane Dumbbell Set today.

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Solid Steel Heads:

  • Precision drilled and bored to ensure close tolerance
  • No bolts or plates Heads will not come loose or rotate
  • Urethane Encased Inlaid logo and increment treatment
  • Encased with a durable hard shore German sourced urethane
  • Urethane thickness 7mm

Handles Specifications:

  • 5-45lbs. = 31mm diameter
  • 50 lbs. (+) = 32mm diameter
  • 0.85-1.0cm Diamond pattern knurl
  • Hard chrome finish

5-Year Commercial warranty Available in 5-150lbs. in 5lb. increments, & 7.5 – 27.5 lbs. in half size increments

Additional information

Weight 500 lbs

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