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  • 8 essential stretches: lower back; hamstrings; gluteal/hips; hips/legs/back; inner thighs/groin; upper back; shoulders; quadriceps.
  • Cushioned seat and kneepads help users sit comfortably.
  • Ergonomic design ensures the correct stretching position.

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Invest just ten minutes with the Precor Stretch Trainer, and you’ll be rewarded with enhanced flexibility, refined coordination, and boosted athletic performance. It’s a trade-off you won’t regret. A familiar sight in top-notch fitness facilities globally, the Stretch Trainer demands minimal space in your home gym yet delivers maximum benefits to your stretching routine, both before and after your workout.

Condition: This item has been serviced and is in full working order. While this is a pre-owned item, any cosmetic imperfections such as minor scuffs and marks we aim to disclose in the product images. We are committed to transparency and customer satisfaction. If you require any additional information or images, please don’;t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is always available to assist you. Warranty: Sold as is.

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