Precor Icarian Olympic Military Bench

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A Precor Icarian Olympic Military Bench is a free weight bench comprised of two or four vertical posts with bar catches for holding and loading an Olympic bar or barbell, and an attached 90 degree seated bench between them. The Olympic Military Bench seat can be adjustable or fixed, but the user is always seated, with the back straight against a pad and feet flat on the floor. Upper body exercises performed on an Olympic Military Bench work the Deltoids and other shoulder muscles, as well as upper back and arm muscles.

All Precor Icarian FW Benches and racks feature our signature 2″ x 4″ bent-steel construction for years of dependable use. The bent-frame design allows dumbbells to travel under the bench freely and the single post tripod design provides greater freedom during use.


  • Dimensions 61″ L by 70″ W by 71″ H
  • Weight 312 Lbs.
  • Rugged, stable adjustments
  • Handles to assist with entry and exit on certain benches
  • Transport wheels available on select models
  • Contoured pads
  • Compact footprint
  • Clean, aesthetic look
  • Foot pegs provide back stabilization
  • Adjustable seat

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