PowerFit Equipment Competition KettleBells, 6 KGs



Elevate your fitness routine with the PowerFit Equipment Competition Kettlebells. These are truly a unique tool for the development of speed and power. Each kettlebell features a chrome rust resistant finish meant to last! They have been meticulously crafted with uniform size and dimension, regardless of weight, ensuring consistent performance and technique development across all exercises. The professional-grade, solid steel construction ensures durability and reliability, offering a superior grip, balance, and aesthetic appeal, making your workout experience unparalleled.

The PowerFit Equipment Competition Kettlebells come in a comprehensive weight range, catering to varying levels of fitness and strength. Their color-coded bands make identifying different weights a breeze, ensuring ease of use and safety during intense training sessions. The wide, flat base of the kettlebells promotes stability, suitable for both rack position exercises and groundwork. Whether you’re executing high rep workouts, developing strength, or enhancing endurance, these kettlebells are the ultimate tool for serious athletes and beginners alike. Transform your fitness journey today with the PowerFit Equipment Competition Kettlebells.

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  • Smooth Chrome Finished Handle
  • Features a wide grip
  • Each kettlebell features a rust resistant chrome finish
  • Rubber coated body to prevent scuffs and scratches

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
Details: Covers defects in material or craftsmanship. Warranty excludes cosmetic damage: paint peeling, rust, rips, cuts and tears, dents and improper use causing bent handles, loose heads or any other signs of misuse. Do not drop dumbbells in any uncontrolled manner from any height exceeding 24” Inspect weekly for signs of damage and that heads are securely attached to handles. An example of misuse that would void the warranty is or performing a “dumbbell snatch” and dropping the dumbbell from overhead this is the primary cause of loose heads and bent handles and is considered a misuse of the product. Do not use dumbbells that are becoming loose
Upholstery in equipment 90 days

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 14 in

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