Matrix Seated Leg Curl G7-S72



The Ultra Seated Leg Curl strengthens hamstrings with a design that’s intuitive, comfortable and powerful in one. Back pad, tibia pad and range-of-motion adjustments are all easily accessible from the seated position. An angled seat and a unique pivot location encourage full hamstring contraction. The gas-assisted adjustable thigh pad and thumb-switch controls make setup easy, while a contoured thigh pad makes even heavy sets comfortable.

Electronic Rep Counter
The integrated electronic counter tracks every rep, plus activity time and rest time. This streamlines the entire workout experience and helps users make progress with more precise feedback.

Space-Saving Design
Back-to-back configurations save valuable floor space, while a uniformly low stack height (122 cm / 48″) improves the look of your facility and makes it easier for your staff to connect with members.

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Tech Specs:

  • PRODUCT WEIGHT: 320 kg / 706 lbs
  • REP COUNTER MACHINE USAGE TRACKING: Service mode tracks total machine reps and hours of use
  • REP COUNTER BATTERY LIFE: Approximately 3 years
  • OVERALL ”IN-USE” DIMENSIONS (L X W X H): 148.5 x 117 x 135 cm / 58.4” x 46” x 53”
  • OVERALL ”STATIC” DIMENSIONS (L X W X H): 148.5 x 117 x 135 cm / 58.4” x 46” x 53”

Weight Stack:

  • TOTAL STACK WEIGHT: 90 kg / 200 lbs
  • WEIGHT PLATE INCREMENTS: 4.5 kg / 10 lbs
  • INCREMENTAL WEIGHT SYSTEM: 1.1, 2.3, 3.4 kg / 2.5, 5, 7.5 lbs
  • MAX TRAINING WEIGHT: 93.4 kg / 207.5 lbs
  • WEIGHT STACK GUARDING: Full front and rear shields

Condition: This item has been serviced and is in full working order. While this is a pre-owned item, any cosmetic imperfections such as minor scuffs and marks we aim to disclose in the product images. We are committed to transparency and customer satisfaction. If you require any additional information or images, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is always available to assist you.

Warranty: Sold as is. The item is fully tested before dispatch and packaged to arrive safely.

Additional information

Weight 500 lbs

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