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Crunches and sit-ups are typically not a favorite exercise. However, the Gravity Crunch provides a refreshingly different ab workout without requiring users to get on the floor. This machine has a fully welded frame for the ultimate in rigidity and minimal maintenance. It also has a high quality pad made with high density foam and 32-ounce upholstery that is top-stitched for durability. We then added thoughtful touches like grip tape on the stepping surfaces and tough yet smooth pillow block bearings. The adjustment surfaces are chrome-plated for smooth changes.

The Gravity Crunch looks a bit confusing. But once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty simple. The difficulty is adjusted by changing reach of the chrome-plated foot bar. The lower the foot bar, the lower the user’s hips are from the pivot point. This increases the effort required to complete a crunch. Hinging at the waist, the user keeps their upper body steady and upright by gripping the extra long, foam rubber coated handles. For extra difficulty, the round foot bars can accommodate weight plates.

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  • Resistance is set by adjusting the length of the chrome-plated foot bar.
  • Foot bar is the same diameter as an Olympic bar, so plates can be loaded for extra resistance.
  • Fully welded frame for maximum rigidity, strength, and durability.
  • Pillow block bearings are smooth, durable, and feature grease fittings.

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