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The FreeMotion T11.3 Treadmill is not your average treadmill; it is one of the most powerful and comfortable treadmills one can experience. Equipped in Orange Theory Gyms across the world, the T11.3 treadmill was chosen by the fastest growing gym chain for several reasons. The T11.3 features a potent 5.0 CHP EnduraDrive System motor and the composite construction of its impact-absorbing Reflex Cushioning, the result, fluidity, and performance. Designed with safety in mind, the Reflex T11.3 includes large easy-to-hold handrails, an automatic “Shut Down” function, and a wide, non-slip, and maintenance-free traction belt measuring 60 inches by 20 inches.


  • Motor: 5.0 CHP EnduraDrive™ System
  • Electrical Requirements: 110-120 VAC, 20 Amp, Dedicated Circuit
  • Tread Belt: 22’ x 60’ 2-Ply, Maintenance-Free Treadbelt
  • Heart Rate Monitoring Technology: Dual-Grip Heart Rate Monitor Compatible with Polar® Wireless Chest Strap*
  • Speed Range: 0’12 MPH 1-Step™ Speed Control
  • Power Incline: 0 ’ 15% 1-Step™ Incline Control
  • Power Decline: -3 ’ 0% 1-Step™ Decline Control
  • Roller Diameter: 3.5’ Crowned, Spin-Balanced Rollers
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 400lbs
  • Weight: 589lbs
  • Dimensions: 86″L x 34″W x 65″H

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Powerful 7.0 PHP Enduradrive™ System:
Our lower pulley ratio creates more torque for faster acceleration’ helping you maintain speed for the full marathon. Plus for optimal user balance, our 10-rib stretch belt has less potential for slip. Delivering high-end commercial bearings and brushes, high-grade wiring and insulation ratings, a thermal cut-off switch, and a stringent UL certification process, this motor is dynamically spin-balanced and extensively tested for superior performance in vibration and noise’making the EnduraDrive™ System the performance motor of choice. This variable resistance “Whisper Quiet” motor is the most powerful and quiet in the elite health club quality class.

Reflex™ cushioning:
Experience extreme joint protection with Reflex™ Cushioning. It’s the perfect combination of comfort and performance. Featuring composite construction, this cushioning absorbs impact without sacrificing strength.

0’12 MPH 1-Step™ Speed Control:
Customize your training for better results. Quickly change your speed from 0’12 MPH for a better workout, warm up and cool down.

-3’0% 1-Step™ Decline Controls:
It’s the newest revolution to the treadmill workout’walking at a decline! With 1-Step™ Decline Controls you can instantly adjust your decline to stimulate different muscles and add balance to your workout.

0’15% 1-Step™ Incline Control:
Boost your weight loss with 1-Step™ Incline Controls. These controls make it simple to change the incline so you can reduce impact on your joints, burn fat calories and add variety to your workout.

Large, Bright Led Windows:
These bright LED windows display your speed, time, distance, level, pulse and calories burned, so you can monitor your progress throughout your entire workout.

Crossflow™ Workout Fan:
Stay cool and fresh during your workout with the innovative CrossFlow™ Workout Fan. It’s built right into the console, just like the AC in your car, allowing you to quickly adjust the settings.

Dual-Grip Heart Rate Monitor Compatible With Polar® Wireless Chest Strap:
Forever change the way you work out with heart rate training! Two hand-grip heart rate sensors are conveniently built-in to the treadmill’s handlebars so you stay in the right training zone for maximum results.

22’ X 60’ Quiet Treadbelt:
A vital component of the drive system, this roomy treadmill belt is designed to operate both smoother and quieter than the average treadmill belt.

3.5’ Crowned & Spin-Balanced Rollers:
Better than the standard roller, these large, precision-machined rollers reduce noise and help the treadmill operate smoothly and quietly.

400 Lb. Weight Capacity:
Accommodating up to 400 lbs., this commercial-grade treadmill is built for strength and durability.

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