Fray T-Bar Row



Whether you’re a fitness aficionado seeking to diversify your home training routine or a gym owner aiming to provide top-notch facilities, the Fray T-Bar Row stands as an indispensable asset, promising an unmatched rowing experience for enhanced muscular strength and endurance.

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Energize your workouts with the robust Fray T-Bar Row, a cornerstone piece for any serious strength training ensemble. This compact yet mighty machine is crafted for peak performance and longevity, featuring a solid steel frame that withstands the rigors of intense daily use in both commercial gyms and home workout spaces. Designed with a pivot that provides a full range of motion, the Fray T-Bar Row targets every inch of your back muscles, ensuring a comprehensive back workout. Its easy-to-load plate post and comfortable chest pad mean you can focus on form and maximize gains without sacrificing comfort.

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