Cybex Selectorized Circuit Set (16 pc) -Gym Package

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The Cybex Selectorized Circuit Set Gym Package Includes:

Cybex 4645 Hip Abduction- Selectorized(190lbs)
Cybex 4640 Hip Adduction- Selectorized(190lbs)
Cybex 4535 Seated Curl- Selectorized(190lbs)
Cybex 4825 Arm Extension- Selectorized(150lbs)
Cybex 4800 Chest Press- Selectorized(250lbs)
Cybex 4880 Glute- Selectorized(150lbs)
Cybex 4855 Leg Curl- Selectorized(150lbs)

Cybex Seated Leg Press- Selectorized(490lbs)
Cybex 4626 Seated Leg Curl- Selectorized(190lbs)
Cybex 4850 Leg Extension- Selectorized(200lbs)
Cybex 4805 Overhead Press- Selectorized(200lbs)
Cybex 4510 Dual Axis Incline Press- Selectorized((290lbs)
Cybex 4705 Ab Crunch- Selectorized(190lbs)
Cybex 4890 Back Extension- Selectorized(200lbs)

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