Cybex Olympic Bench Press, Flat



Welcome strength and sophistication into your workout routine with the Cybex Olympic Flat Bench Press. An ideal fit for both residential and commercial spaces, this piece is masterfully designed to optimize your chest and upper body workouts.

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The bench’s sturdy structure, composed of high-grade steel, ensures a stable platform to lift confidently, accommodating heavy load capacities with ease. The ergonomically designed bench pad, made with high-density foam, offers unyielding support, maximizes comfort, and maintains alignment, allowing users to focus solely on their performance. The integrated plate storage system keeps your workout area neat and organized while adding an element of convenience. What truly sets the Cybex Olympic Flat Bench Press apart is its versatility—it’s perfectly suited for novices and professionals alike. Infuse your strength training regimen with a touch of Cybex reliability and discover the difference.

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Weight 500 lbs

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