Cybex 4535 Arm Curl(VR2 Series)

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The Cybex 4535 Arm Curl is a selectorized piece of gym equipment designed to work the Biceps Brachii muscles of the upper arm during Strength Training. The user is in a seated position, typically with the back of the forearms resting on a pad and grasping handles, and lifts the loaded or selected weight by flexing at the elbow and bringing the handles toward the body in a curling motion. It also has an adjustable back pad that can be set at different heights to accommodate both men and women. Complete with easy-to-adjust seat height, this machine can be used by those who have limited space or train from home.

Condition: This item has been serviced and is in full working order. This is a used item, and as such some small scuffs and marks may be visible. We aim to highlight any cosmetic issues in the images but if you would like any more information, please contact us and we will be happy to assist

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