American Barbell Rubber Bumper Plate Set, 265 LBS



265 LB Set Includes: 1x 55, 2x 45’s, 2x 35’s, 2x 25’s

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Step up your lifting game with the American Barbell Rubber Bumper Plate Set, a comprehensive professional-grade collection designed to meet the needs of both residential and commercial fitness enthusiasts. This 265 LB set includes a versatile range of plates: 1x 55lb, 2x 45lb pairs, 2x 35lb pairs, and 2x 25lb pairs, providing the perfect spectrum for progressive training. Each plate is crafted from high-density rubber, ensuring durability and noise reduction, while protecting your floors during intense workout sessions. The stainless steel inserts fit seamlessly on Olympic bars, offering a snug and secure fit for consistent performance. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned lifter, this set’s variety caters to a wide range of exercises and strength levels. The American Barbell Rubber Bumper Plate Set is your key to unlocking new levels of strength and endurance.

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Weight 500 lbs

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