36 KG / 80 LB Cast Iron Kettlebell

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Unleash your inner strength with our 36 KG / 80 LB Cast Iron Kettlebell, a powerhouse addition to your fitness arsenal. This kettlebell, perfect for home workout enthusiasts and commercial gym owners alike, provides a diverse range of strength and endurance exercises.

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Crafted from high-grade cast iron, it promises unparalleled durability and a rugged, classic aesthetic that stands the test of time. The weight offers an invigorating challenge, ideal for anyone looking to intensify their workout and achieve new fitness milestones. Its design ensures a secure grip, fostering confidence during your swings, lifts, or presses. Step up your fitness game with our 36 KG / 80 LB Cast Iron Kettlebell, and unlock a new world of strength, agility, and performance.

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Weight 81 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 12 in

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