Building your own gym at home is an investment. Not only are you investing in the equipment, but you are also investing in yourself and your health. While it can take time to build your home gym, some equipment pieces are better than others. Plate-loaded machines include the weighted plates within the machine itself. In terms of weight training, choosing plate-loaded machines instead of resistance machines can be a good investment. Learn more about plate-loaded machines and how they can be a great choice to add to your home gym.

Precise Muscle Resistance

Plate-loaded machines are a better choice for those who want to tone and increase their overall muscle strength. Choosing to work out with weighted plates allows you to adjust your workout and improve your overall resistance as time goes on. With plate-loaded machines, you can be very precise about the amount of weight you are working with. You can use 5-pound additions to the weight to tailor your strength training to your personal needs.

Weights Are Interchangeable

Another benefit of choosing plate-loaded machines is that you can move the weights around to use for other exercises. The weights can be added to a chest press, deadlift, or curl bar. Investing in the machine and the weights add a lot of value to your gym that you can utilize in other areas.

Build More Muscle

For those with home gyms who want to build a lot of muscle, plate-loaded machines are the way to go instead of resistance machines. Plate-loaded options can handle larger weight loads for those who want to set personal records and test their ultimate strength. It is also easy to add extra weight if you need to add a few pounds to set that PR.

Different Body Types

Plate-loaded machines are also a good choice for those families who have a wide variety of different body types and abilities. While a plate-loaded machine can handle an adult wanting to lift hundreds of pounds, it can also scale down to smaller athletes and teens who want to lift less weight. The ability to choose your weight is essential when selecting a machine that the entire family can use and enjoy.

When building your own home gym this year, consider adding a plate-loaded machine to maximize your gym. Not only will you have the addition of weights, but you can scale the machine to help everyone in the family stay in shape.

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Written by Kristina Phelan

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