As many of us are working out at home these days, the need for some variety in the home gym has grown. While your home gym may include one or two cardio machines, it can often lack a good amount of weight resistance options. Whether you are starting with weight training or already have some strength training items, kettlebells can offer more stability and boost your workout. Check out these reasons to mix up your workout with kettlebells this year.

Why We Love Kettlebells

Different Shape, Different Moves

While kettlebells are mostly interchangeable with dumbbells, the weight’s shape creates a difference in what you can do with them. Kettlebells have a rounded shape with a handle and therefore work your muscles differently from traditional dumbbells. The shape of the kettlebell allows you to do more circular or swinging motions, boosting your resistance training.

Workout Multiple Muscles

One of the key differences between dumbbells and kettlebells is the amount of muscle groups that one exercise can target. Dumbbells are great at isolating one specific muscle, while the swinging motion of kettlebells allows you to engage many different muscles at one time. The traditional swinging kettlebell move works your core, back, shoulders, and even your legs.

Multiple Grip Positions

While most people working out at home use a kettlebell by the handle, there are other kettlebell exercises to maximize your workout. The handle creates space within the middle of the bell, which you can reach your hand into to create a different grip. Other ways to grip the kettlebell include turning it over so that the bell is on top and the handle is on the bottom. Gripping the bottom of the bell in this option for tricep presses helps keep the bell stable and the weight fixed in one spot.

Adding a kettlebell to your home gym can help you target more muscle groups and streamline your workout. The weight’s unique shape helps create stability and offers more options in terms of strength training options. Consider mixing up your workout at home with kettlebells this year.

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Written by Kristina Phelan

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