Assembly, Disassembly, & Relocation

We Do The Heavy Lifting.

Detailed Assembly.
Safe Installation.

Our professional staff will deliver, relocate, assemble, and install any machine within Atlanta and surrounding counties. No job is too big or small. Allow us to do the heavy lifting to keep your business on track.

“It’s really nice to have techs come out to work on our equipment who actually know what they are looking at and have the expertise to get it right. Save time, save $$ : call Atlanta Fitness. Superb service.”


“I am in California and our customer needed a last minute install. I reached out to about 6 techs to see who can help on such short noticed. Bill from Atlanta Fitness Repair called me back and was ready to get this job done. I have never had such quick response from a technician and I have been working w/ them for 7 years. Kuddos and thank you soooo much for taking care of our customer over on your side of town.”

-Paulina S.

“This company is pretty much the only game in town when it comes to moving commercial grade exercise equipment.”


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