As many of us are working out at home these days, the need for some variety in the home gym has grown. While your home gym may include one or two cardio machines, it can often lack a good amount of weight resistance options. Whether you are starting with weight training or already have some strength training items, kettlebells can offer more stability and boost your workout. Check out these reasons to mix up your workout with kettlebells this year.

Why We Love Kettlebells

Different Shape, Different Moves

While kettlebells are mostly interchangeable with dumbbells, the weight’s shape creates a difference in what you can do with them. Kettlebells have a rounded shape with a handle and therefore work your muscles differently from traditional dumbbells. The shape of the kettlebell allows you to do more circular or swinging motions, boosting your resistance training.

Workout Multiple Muscles

One of the key differences between dumbbells and kettlebells is the amount of muscle groups that one exercise can target. Dumbbells are great at isolating one specific muscle, while the swinging motion of kettlebells allows you to engage many different muscles at one time. The traditional swinging kettlebell move works your core, back, shoulders, and even your legs.

Multiple Grip Positions

While most people working out at home use a kettlebell by the handle, there are other kettlebell exercises to maximize your workout. The handle creates space within the middle of the bell, which you can reach your hand into to create a different grip. Other ways to grip the kettlebell include turning it over so that the bell is on top and the handle is on the bottom. Gripping the bottom of the bell in this option for tricep presses helps keep the bell stable and the weight fixed in one spot.

Adding a kettlebell to your home gym can help you target more muscle groups and streamline your workout. The weight’s unique shape helps create stability and offers more options in terms of strength training options. Consider mixing up your workout at home with kettlebells this year.

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Written by Kristina Phelan

Part of owning your own gym requires daily maintenance and cleaning to keep equipment in tip-top shape. Welcoming guests into your gym on a regular basis requires that you are constantly cleaning up messes, spills, and drips. From the cardio floor to your locker rooms, a well-kept gym will help protect equipment and keep your members coming back. Help keep your business strong with these 4 areas of the gym to clean daily.

Areas of the Gym to Clean Daily:

Entrance Areas

The areas of the gym that require the most frequent cleaning include the entrance and exit points. Cleaning the handles and doors to the gym help reduce the spread of germs as well as offer a clear access point to your business. Card scanners, sign-in sheets, and other front desk areas should be regularly cleaned and tidied up. When it’s raining, consider dry mopping the front entrance to keep members safe from slips and falls as well.

Cardio Machines

We all want our members to utilize cardio equipment and get their heart rate up. However, this constant use of cardio machines equals a lot of sweat in the process. While many members are responsible for wiping down their equipment after a workout, there are other areas of the machines that get less cleaning.

Make sure that your staff and cleaning crew pay special attention to areas of the machine that could harbor germs. Spots like handles, touch screens, and equipment footpads are often missed areas on cardio equipment. Dust is another key factor that builds upon the underside areas of a machine that can greatly affect their performance.

Locker Rooms

While the toilet areas of the gym often need daily cleaning, it is easy to forget the other parts of the locker room. Make sure to scrub down the shower and dressing room areas of the locker room to keep your gym safe. Common locker room issues include athlete’s foot and other viruses that can pass from guest to guest. Mop the locker room down every night and encourage members to wear shower shoes or flip flops to reduce the spread of germs.

Weight Room

While your members may be good about wiping down cardio equipment, many forget to also wipe down the free weights, bars and weight machines in the strength area of the gym. These items often don’t get wiped down between sets and can quickly spread bacteria between members. Cleaning the free weights, weight bars, and benches in this area of the gym multiple times a day is essential.

While there are plenty of spots to clean on a daily basis at your gym, some areas are more important than others. Make sure to keep your business and your members safe by cleaning well multiple times a day. Consider these 4 areas of the gym to clean daily to keep your business going strong.

If you’ve noticed that one of your machines needs a tune-up or regular maintenance, consider contacting Atlanta Fitness Repair to help keep your gym in tip-top condition. Contact our office today and ask about our maintenance packages.

Written by Kristina Phelan

Many residents in the Atlanta area are choosing to invest in creating their own personal gym at home. Not only does a home gym allow you 24/7 access to a workout, but it also cuts down on driving time and those pesky fitness membership fees and contracts. Learn more about how to invest in your home gym with these tips!

Dedicate a Home Gym Space

As an active person, you may already have a treadmill or elliptical sitting in the corner of a room. However, choosing a dedicated space in your home will increase the chances that you use your equipment instead of it acting as a temporary laundry spot. Even if your home doesn’t have much room to spare, there is a lot that you can do with some creative thinking and use of vertical space. Consider moving some things around and partitioning off your workout area to help you focus and keep your home gym free of clutter.

Start Small With the Basics

While many of us want to automatically have a full-fledged home gym with all of the equipment we could ever need, it is a smarter choice to start small. Choose items that will help you work out in comfort, like a yoga mat, kettlebells, and some resistance bands. These items not only are easier on your wallet, but they also can help you jump start your workout area using your body weight as resistance.

Choose Cardio That You Love

We all have that one piece of cardio equipment that we gravitate towards in a large gym. Investing in your home gym often includes one large cardio machine. Choose the machine that you know you will use frequently. This should be the machine that your body is comfortable on, and that makes you feel good. Consider purchasing a new, used or refurbished treadmill or elliptical from our shop to get a high-quality machine at a discounted price as well. If you already love a machine and know that you’ll use it, consider investing in a commercial quality machine that will last.

Every Home Gym Needs Technology

Make sure that your home gym includes some sort of technology to help make workouts fun. Play your favorite playlist over speakers in the gym or connect to a screen to catch up on your favorite series during a cardio session. Investing in your home gym’s technology will make it easier for you to make workouts a priority and raise the fun factor of working out.

There are many ways that you can invest in your home gym to create the perfect workout area tailored to your needs. Choosing to spend money on equipment that is just steps from your room is a great way to make workouts even more accessible. Consider these tips on how to invest in your gym this year. Contact Atlanta Fitness Repair to help you plan out the perfect gym for your private use.

Written by Kristina Phelan

Life Fitness has been a leading producer of high-quality fitness machines for the past 40 years. The company started out with the LifeCycle stationary bike and have expanded their expertise in the field to include other fitness equipment including treadmills and stair climbers. Life Fitness is widely recognized for its elliptical machines as well that offer a smooth and low impact workout that many users enjoy. Their unique Eddy Current system creates a rather quiet machine that is perfect for in-home use. When selecting a Life Fitness elliptical for your business or home gym, consider these tips on how to choose the right Life Fitness elliptical for you.

Life Fitness Elliptical E and X Series

E Series

There are 3 different models in the E series line of ellipticals from Life Fitness. The E1, E3, and E5 models offer various aspects according to the type of user. The E1 is the beginner option, while the E3 and E5 are the mid-level and advanced choices. For those budget-conscious buyers, the Go Console is the less expensive choice with basic technology and programming available.

The E5 model includes the Track + Console, which contains Bluetooth capability and a wide range of workout programs. This highly rated elliptical for 2020 also consists of a variable stride length between 18-24 inches, which helps customize your workout to your needs.

X Series

For those users who want some extra features, the X series of Life Fitness ellipticals offer a quiet workout with plenty of technology. The X1, X3, and X5 options all include WhisperStride™ technology involving a self-aligning ball bearing system. You can also choose from the Go or Track + consoles, with the latter offering connectivity for either Android or Apple devices. The X series also includes a unique pedal option with FlexPedal™ options and oversized non-slip pedals for added security. Both the X1 and X5 options are one of the top 2020 ellipticals to add to your home gym this year.

Life Fitness Elliptical Club and Platinum Club Series

Club Series

Durability mixed with user convenience created the Life Fitness Club Series. This line of top quality machines was designed for residential use based on the high-quality commercial options that Life Fitness offers. The entertainment features include only Apple compatibility, though, making them a hard choice for Android users.

Platinum Club Series

If budget is not an issue, consider purchasing a Platinum Club series elliptical for the ultimate workout experience. These machines include a choice of a Discover SE Tablet or Discover SI Tablet consoles that help bring your workout to life. You’ll have access to a wide range of exciting workouts with interactive courses to make each workout unique.

Other features in this top choice include wireless heart rate tracking and power saving modes to help conserve energy. It’s no surprise that the Platinum Club Series elliptical is the top Life Fitness elliptical choice for 2020.

When selecting an elliptical for either your home or business this year, it is hard to go wrong with a Life Fitness elliptical. Selecting the right machine for your specific needs and budget is important. Check out our shop for well maintained and high-quality ellipticals when choosing a piece of cardio equipment for your gym this year.

Written by Kristina Phelan

Purchasing any kind of new equipment for your gym is a bit stressful. You want to make sure that you’re getting the best quality but also at a price that won’t break the bank. Choosing a piece of equipment that you can use for many years is essential when investing in your health. Consider these tips on how to choose the best cardio equipment for your gym:

Make the Natural Choice

While some of us want to branch out and try new pieces of cardio equipment, most of us will end up using the same machines over and over again. When investing in cardio equipment for your home gym, choose the machine that you know well. If you enjoy walking or running, a treadmill is a natural fit for you. For those who have knee issues, an elliptical will help soften the overall impact of a cardio workout. Start building your gym with pieces of cardio equipment that you know you will use.

Stick with Technology That You Know

There are various types of cardio equipment that significantly differ. You can choose a well-loved piece of equipment that has a simple computer as well as machines that keep track of everything from your breathing to your favorite television channel.

Match your cardio machine with the technology that you know you will use. If you aren’t looking for something that technical, go with simpler machines that are still in good shape. If you want a state of the art machine, filter your choices down to those options that will give you every bell and whistle you could ever desire.

Check and Double Check It

Most home gyms include used equipment that is often a fraction of the cost of new machines. While used cardio machines are often great, some sellers pass on problems to new owners. Make sure that your used cardio equipment is in top-notch condition by testing it out for a full workout, as well as checking all of the systems. Beware of missing parts or damage to the machine that could affect its long term quality.

Purchasing a new piece of cardio equipment can be intimidating, but it really doesn’t have to be. Make sure to choose something that matches the type of workout you are looking for. You want to make it easy to use the machine on a daily basis, so choose the equipment that you already love to use. Consider your technology savvy and purchase older machines if the technology isn’t an essential part of your workout. Make sure to check and double-check all of the systems of the machine so that you don’t invest in a dud.

For all of your used cardio equipment needs, check out Atlanta Fitness Repair’s inventory of high-quality machines. You’ll know that you’re getting a great machine that is tested, thoroughly inspected, and ready to help you reach your fitness goals.

Written by Kristina Phelan

Setting up your own home gym is a great way to have 24/7 access to workout equipment. You don’t need to drive in the weather to get to the gym and can still be available to your family. Most home gyms start with one piece of cardio equipment but often stop at that. A full workout should include both cardio and strength training for the best results. Consider these tips as to why every home gym should include weights:

Building Muscle Burns Calories

While it is true that muscle weighs more than fat, it is a better idea to have more muscle mass than fat. Including weights in your home gym helps you build strong muscles that your body needs to function. Not only will it help your body structure and movement, but it also helps to burn calories even when you’re resting.

Various Sizes to Meet Your Space

Some homeowners have complete rooms or even a full basement to set up a gym while others have only a corner of a room. There are a variety of weights that can scale to the size of your gym. If you only have a corner of space to spare, you can easily have a set of dumbbells or even a few kettlebells to use on multiple muscle groups. Larger home gyms can accommodate full weight bars and machines for the ultimate workout.

Well Rounded Workout

Adding weights to your cardio workout will help your body gain strength overall. Not only will your heart grow stronger after some time on the treadmill, but your leg muscles will also grow in power to increase the length of your runs. While many homeowners may view weight lifting as something that only buff men do, there are plenty of lighter-weight options for those women who need some resistance training as well.

Adding weights to your home gym doesn’t have to be complicated. You can easily start with a small set of dumbbells and work your way up as your workouts increase. Consider purchasing used weight equipment from Atlanta Fitness Repair for quality pieces at an affordable price. While cardio is an essential part of any home workout, make sure that your home gym also includes weights for overall health.

Written by Kristina Phelan

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