Part of owning your own gym requires daily maintenance and cleaning to keep equipment in tip-top shape. Welcoming guests into your gym on a regular basis requires that you are constantly cleaning up messes, spills, and drips. From the cardio floor to your locker rooms, a well-kept gym will help protect equipment and keep your members coming back. Help keep your business strong with these 4 areas of the gym to clean daily.

Areas of the Gym to Clean Daily:

Entrance Areas

The areas of the gym that require the most frequent cleaning include the entrance and exit points. Cleaning the handles and doors to the gym help reduce the spread of germs as well as offer a clear access point to your business. Card scanners, sign-in sheets, and other front desk areas should be regularly cleaned and tidied up. When it’s raining, consider dry mopping the front entrance to keep members safe from slips and falls as well.

Cardio Machines

We all want our members to utilize cardio equipment and get their heart rate up. However, this constant use of cardio machines equals a lot of sweat in the process. While many members are responsible for wiping down their equipment after a workout, there are other areas of the machines that get less cleaning.

Make sure that your staff and cleaning crew pay special attention to areas of the machine that could harbor germs. Spots like handles, touch screens, and equipment footpads are often missed areas on cardio equipment. Dust is another key factor that builds upon the underside areas of a machine that can greatly affect their performance.

Locker Rooms

While the toilet areas of the gym often need daily cleaning, it is easy to forget the other parts of the locker room. Make sure to scrub down the shower and dressing room areas of the locker room to keep your gym safe. Common locker room issues include athlete’s foot and other viruses that can pass from guest to guest. Mop the locker room down every night and encourage members to wear shower shoes or flip flops to reduce the spread of germs.

Weight Room

While your members may be good about wiping down cardio equipment, many forget to also wipe down the free weights, bars and weight machines in the strength area of the gym. These items often don’t get wiped down between sets and can quickly spread bacteria between members. Cleaning the free weights, weight bars, and benches in this area of the gym multiple times a day is essential.

While there are plenty of spots to clean on a daily basis at your gym, some areas are more important than others. Make sure to keep your business and your members safe by cleaning well multiple times a day. Consider these 4 areas of the gym to clean daily to keep your business going strong.

If you’ve noticed that one of your machines needs a tune-up or regular maintenance, consider contacting Atlanta Fitness Repair to help keep your gym in tip-top condition. Contact our office today and ask about our maintenance packages.

Written by Kristina Phelan

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