The new year is upon us, which means that your fitness center probably has a lot more people walking through the door. Make sure to keep those new clients with these tips on how to make your fitness center stand out. While we all know that keeping your fitness center clean and spotless is essential, there are other ways to bump up your business this year. Check out these 3 ways to upgrade your fitness center this year:

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Just like in your home, adding a fresh coat of paint to your fitness center is a great way to make the place look like new. Paint is relatively cheap compared to other remodeling options and is a quick way to brighten the space instantly. Consider choosing a color scheme of 3 colors that work well together or within your current logo color options. Paint an accent wall a dark color to draw attention and help anchor the space. Using more vibrant and exciting colors around the cardio area can help to encourage energy.

Invest in Newer Machines

While not every fitness center has the funds to buy brand new machines, that doesn’t mean that you can’t invest in solid refurbished machines for your clientele. Consider purchasing machines that are new to your fitness center but not exactly new to the market. These slightly used versions come at a great price and often perform just as well as new higher-priced options.

Schedule New Group Classes

One way to excite buzz around your fitness center is to add new group classes throughout the week. Check on social media and your competitors to see what exciting new classes are gaining traction in your area. Hot yoga, spin classes, and even aerial fabric ribbon workouts can help draw in new customers. Remember to schedule these classes at staggered times throughout the week to bring in a wide range of customers.

It doesn’t take much to upgrade your fitness center with a little bit of creativity. Consider painting those areas that are well-loved within your building as well as scheduling a fun new group fitness class. Investing in gently used machines can also help encourage longtime and new clients to continue using their memberships. If you need help choosing the right equipment for your space, check out Atlanta Fitness Repair’s extensive inventory of high-quality equipment at discounted prices today!

Written by Kristina Phelan

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