With the current COVID-19 pandemic, many residents are creating their own gym at home. There is no need to worry about masks during workouts, and you can save a lot of time by hopping on the treadmill before you head to your office in the next room. While creating a functional new space at home can be exciting, setting up the equipment often is not. Learn more about how we can help you with these three reasons why Atlanta Fitness Repair should set up your home gym:

We Care About Safety

One of the most important things in a home gym is safety. Hiring us to set up your home gym ensures that the machine will be set up correctly before you use it. Our staff takes time to make sure that everything on the machine is in line and set up to safety standards.

We Have the Experience

Our qualified staff has spent years working in the fitness equipment industry. We know the machines that we sell and have experience with all of the different brands. Atlanta Fitness Repair staff know our machines, both inside and out, and can save you a lot of time trying to figure out how to put pieces together.

We Can Do the Heavy Lifting

While a quality workout usually includes weight resistance, moving your new gym into your home may not be your idea of a great workout. Many machines are quite heavy, and moving them around tight corners and hallways can be problematic. Allowing us to set up your home gym keeps you safe from straining muscles and pinching fingers. We have the tools and equipment needed to make moving in your home gym pieces easy and efficient.

When building your own gym at home, consider hiring Atlanta Fitness Repair to set up the space for you. Not only will it keep you safe, but our friendly staff has the experience and knowledge on how to set up every machine. Contact our office today for more information about our equipment and gym set up services.

Written by Kristina Phelan

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